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  1. Carl Sagan; About the Orbits of Others
  2. About the Orbits of Others
  3. Delicate Waxing Light
  4. Springtime


Clocktower (live at Scandinavia)
About the Orbits of Others
Springtime (with OMG Oakland)


Feb 23rd 2018
Johannesburg, South Africa
Zoo Lake
Feb 24th 2018
Johannesburg, South Africa
Feb 25th 2018
Pretoria, South Africa
Railways Cafe w/ The Shabs
Mar 2nd 2018
Cape Town, South Africa
Cafe Roux (Town) w/ The Shabs
7:00 R250 http://caferouxsessions.co.za/event/stelth-2/
Mar 3rd 2018
Nordhoek, South Africa
Sit the folk down w/ Lucy Krueger
Mar 4th 2018
Cape Town, South Africa
Onesight Benefit at Alma Cafe
One Sight benefit https://www.facebook.com/events/1054345538039631/
Mar 9th 2018
Boulder Creek, CA
Lille Aeske w/ Josiah Johnsoh (Of Head and the Heart
8 PM
Mar 15th 2018
Sacramento, CA
Eye St. Co-op W/ Deep Pools and Morgan Bolender
7-10 PM
Private show DM for Details
Mar 16th 2018
Berkeley, CA
Bowles Hall, UCB w/ Nick Jaina
8 PM
Free Show!
Mar 17th 2018
San Francisco, CA
Ubuntu, San Francisco
8 PM
Private Show, Message for Details
Mar 23rd 2018
Boise, ID
Treefort Music Fest!!!!
Mar 25th 2018
Portland, OR
Rontoms Sunday Session w/ bed.
RONTOMS SUNDAY SESSIONS SUN MARCH 25 / 8 PM / 21+ / FREE 10:15pm - Stelth Ulvang (of the The Lumineers!) 9:15pm - bed. https://www.facebook.com/events/781275542082128/
Mar 28th 2018
Tacoma, WA
Cafe Alma
Mar 30th 2018
Seattle, WA
Beery House
Message For Details
Mar 31st 2018
Pendleton, OR
The Great Pacific
Apr 4th 2018
Boulder, CO
Cherryvale w/ Paul Dehaven
House Show, Message for Details
Apr 5th 2018
Fort Collins, CO
New Belgium w/ Sour Boy Bitter Girl
Apr 6th 2018
Denver, CO
Syntax Physic Opera w/ Anthony Ruptak and Tyto Alba
Apr 7th 2018
Colorado Springs, CO
Bill Stars
House Show, DM for Deets
Apr 11th 2018
Minneapolis, MN
Moon Palace Books w/ Nick Jaina, Sister Species, and We Are The Willows
Apr 12th 2018
Madison, WI
Motherfools w/ Stephanie Rearick and Nick Jaina
8:00 PM
Apr 13th 2018
Viroqua, WI
Driftless Books w/ Nick Jaina and Stephanie Rearick
6:30 Doors 7:00 Show https://www.facebook.com/events/2038637829728108/
Apr 15th 2018
Chicago, IL
Thalia Hall w/ Wild Child and Wild reeds (Supporting first of 3)
$15-$35 Doors 6/ Show at 7 https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wild-child-with-special-guests-the-wild-reeds-thalia-hall-tickets-40883052310
Apr 17th 2018
St. Louis, MO
Blueberry Hill (supporting Wild Child)
7:00 PM
Doors 7/ Show 8 $15 http://blueberryhill.com/event/wild-child/
Apr 18th 2018
Columbia, MO
Rose Music Hall (supporting Wild Child)
7:00 PM
Doors @ 7/ Show @ 8 $12 ADV $15 DOS http://rosemusichall.com/event/wild-child-3/
Apr 19th 2018
Lawrence, KS
The Bottleneck (supporting Wild Child)
8:00 PM
8:00 Doors (9:00 Show) $13-$15 https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1604177
Apr 20th 2018
Omaha, NE
Slowdown (supporting Wild Child)
8:00 Doors 9:00 Show $14-$17 https://www.theslowdown.com/event/1604671-wild-child-omaha/
Apr 21st 2018
Denver, CO
The Bluebird (supporting Wild Child)
8:00 Doors 9:00 Show $17-$20 http://www.bluebirdtheater.net/events/detail/347131
Apr 23rd 2018
Salt Lake City, UT
Kilby Court (supporting Wild Child)
7:00 Doors 8:00 Show $15 https://www.kilbycourt.com/event/1603110-wild-child-salt-lake-city/
Apr 24th 2018
Missoula , MT
Top Hat Lounge (supporting Wild Child)
$15 8:30 Doors 9:00 Show https://www.facebook.com/events/1721007684793498
Apr 26th 2018
Vancouver, BC
Fox Cabaret w/ Wild Child (supporting Wild Child)
$15 8:00 Doors 9:00 Show http://timbreconcerts.com/event/wild-child/
Apr 27th 2018
Seattle, WA
The Crocodile (supporting Wild Child)
$20 8:00 Doors 9:00 Show https://www.thecrocodile.com/event/1604935-wild-child-expectations-seattle/
Apr 28th 2018
Portland, OR
Mississippi Studios (supporting Wild Child)
$20 21+ 8:00 Doors 9:00 Show https://www.ticketfly.com/event/1603539-wild-child-expectations-portland/
Apr 29th 2018
Eugene, OR
WOW Hall (supporting Wild Child)
$15-$18 8:00 Doors 9:00 Show http://www.wowhall.org/events/wild-child
Apr 30th 2018
Bend, OR
Volcanic Theatre (supporting Wild Child
$12 9:00 http://www.bendticket.com/events/50175084/wild-child-at-volcanic
May 2nd 2018
San Francisco, CA
The Chapel w/ Wild Child and The Deer (we're supporting first of 3)
$16-$18 All Ages 7:00 Doors 8:00 Show https://www.thechapelsf.com/event/1603574-wild-child-expectations-san-francisco/
May 3rd 2018
Los Angeles, CA
Teragram Ballroom (supporting Wild Child)
$18-$20 All Ages 8:00 Doors 9:00 Show https://www.teragramballroom.com/event/1603294-wild-child-expectations-tour-los-angeles
May 5th 2018
San Diego, CA
The Casbah (supporting Wild Child)
$15 21+ 8:30 Doors 9:30 Show https://www.casbahmusic.com/event/1603964-wild-child-san-diego/
May 7th 2018
Phoenix, AZ
Crescent Ballroom (supporting Wild Child)
$12-$15 7:00 Doors 8:00 Show https://www.crescentphx.com/event/1603383-wild-child-phoenix/
May 8th 2018
Santa Fe, NM
Meow Wolf (supporting Wild Child)
$15-$18 7:00 Doors https://meowwolf.com/event/wild-child/
May 11th 2018
Westerly , RI
Westerly Sound: The Knickerbocker w/ Y La Bamba
$17-$19 7:00 Doors 8:00 Show https://knickmusic.com/events/2018/5/11/stelth-ulvang-of-the-lumineers-with-y-la-bamba-and-glenn-kendzia


and as always the infinite cosmos
Will Release Thursday Feb 19th, 2015
"Clocktower was amazing in performance, leaning over me in the audience screaming the first line. It is, like the rest of the album, real and an inspiring musical feat."
- Annemieke Boland
Demos, Buttons, Loose Strings
Released December 11th, 2013
"Hearing these songs first live in performance has made them even more brilliant. They are all full of life and the roughness of his voice makes it even more real and honest. Thank you for real music!"
- Annemieke Boland


"Ulvang bounded around the stage with all the energy and soul of a man possessed." - PagesDigital.com

Stelth Ulvang breathes life into ordinary things ­ a tattered, grey bowler hat made light as feather and nimble as a hummingbird when it's an extension of Stelth's palm and a piece of knotted wood sings as a new slingshot once Stelth's pocket knife has touched the bark.

Stelth is a creator; self­taught and continually curious to learn more, he's a talented multi­instrumentalist, spirited poet and composer of vulnerable, honest, and rich music. Able to balance heavy truths with the lightness of humor and observation, his songs share the wayfaring nature of his heart. His unique ability to transform living rooms, basements, backyards, kitchens, and even large venues into an intimate moment of storytelling, makes his carnival­style performance and confessional lyrics appealing to the human experience. Full­time globe traveler, currently touring with The Lumineers, Stelth first kicked off his musical travels co­founding the band known as The Dovekins.

"Stelth Ulvang who is a solo artist in his own right. For a very short-notice stint filling in, Ulvang managed to literally win over the entire room after playing for about half an hour.- His songs are intricately detailed lyrics and have a delicate feel to them but his delivery is empowered and assured. Even his awkward attempt at bantering about meat pies and being in Australia and how surreal it was just endeared him to the crowd even more. I suspect we will be hearing more from this young gent soon." The AU Review, Sydney, Australia
"Ulvang is often found painting melodic memories through piano keys." The California Aggie, Davis
"Ulvang bounded around the stage with all the energy and soul of a man possessed. A highly entertaining way to open a gig, no doubt extra special for the punter hoisted on stage to play piano" PagesDigital.com
"Ulvang’s solo material is very piano-centric, with his considerable skill on several other instruments creating a lush, multilayered sound. With his fascinating voice, he can both croon and raggedly shout…" City Weekly, Salt Lake City
"Ulvang leaps barefoot around the stage like a manic musical imp, shaking maracas, booting his piano stool off the podium and tinkling the ivories with his toes." Daily Mail, London